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Greg Layton, co-founder and president of C3A
Deborah Kates, co-founder and vice-president of C3A

On Friday, July 11th, 2003, the city of Coatesville's eyes, ears and artistic tongues were treated to a smorgasbord of art, ranging from poetry readings to a bonsai exhibit! Following the preview party (invite only) the previous day, the historic mansion of Graystone (bottom right picture) housed this fantastic event as hundreds of excited viewers roamed the halls and rooms, speaking with artists, listening to local speakers and authors, marveling at beautiful paintings, drawings, and sculptures, and feasting upon delightful foods prepared by professional catering services. Outside Graystone, under the huge porch canopy, live bands played, treating patrons with rhythmic blues and rock music. The exhibit continued during Coatesville's Victorian Festival on Saturday, and through July 18th."

Even though art was sold at this event, the main purpose was to enlighten the minds of the people of Coatesville...jump-start their creative minds, if you will. Deborah Kates, co-founder of the Coatesville Area Arts Alliance, stated -

"Coatesville Area Arts Alliance's recent event in July, United States of Art, was a great success, bringing together over 55 visual, musical, and spoken word artists from the tri-state area to entertain an audience of hundreds. C3A is moving forward on its mission to bring diverse art together under its umbrella, thereby promoting a new renaissance in the Coatesville area...and beyond."

Co-founder Gregory Layton also adds, "The health and future of our economy will be in the hands of the Creative Class. Art - made in the U.S.A."

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Alfie Moss sings the blues at USArt Crowds of people enjoy art
The beautiful exterior of Graystone Sherry Somach and Doghouse

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