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Under The Big Tents! presents a platform for leaving isolation behind and reconnecting art-life and work-life with community and family life, uniting our work with our best values.

Artists Success: Active engagement vs. passive observation in a democracy
After years of reading, talking and debating with people, and meditating on the issue, it has dawned on us for the public to understand what it takes to be a creator, the audience needs to become actively engaged rather than passively observing. And active engagement is a hallmark of being a citizen in a democracy.

What sets Artists apart from other workers?
Artists actively engage in creating goods and/or services for their own progress and for the larger world by digging deep inside themselves to communicate a message driven by any or every emotion. The viewer and the larger world might like it or hate it or be indifferent to it, but it’s Soul Food being served up. Does this make us better than any other worker or any other job, and therefore a special class? No, not necessarily! But what it takes is tons of courage and internal fortitude — the ability TO BE BOUYANT IN AN OCEAN OF REJECTION.
Join us!

What is National Music Day?
Celebrating the role music plays in our lives. Begun in France 30 years ago, it arrived here in the U.S. in 2006 and is now worldwide as a grassroots viral event. The goal for the Solstice day when the light seems to never end, is to be a profusion of music pouring out from every sidewalk, stage, park, and shower, to affirm the importance of music and its role in building and bridging communities through performance and enjoyment: amateur musicians play with passion, professionals meet new audiences. Music has the power to heal, connect, inspire. While we may live in difficult times, a national day for music reminds us that we are more than our current economic problems and that we can set down our troubles and pick up our guitars. So tap your feet, grab a microphone, amp up, and join us in making National Music Day the biggest party possible! Friday is free admission for all. Bring your jammin' voices and your instruments and have fun. Join us for a bonfire that night!

Under The Big Tents! Festival Information

On the night of Friday June 21st, India comes to Wagontown with the Bollywood by Mitali Dance Troupe! Swirling customs tell a unique story in Chester County.

On Saturday June 22nd, Team Trebuchet brings their pumpkin chukkin' "tree bucket" to the Big Tents. Their home-built machine can do some high-speed throwing and we'll see what objects are in store for the trip, 'cause watch it - they're gonna hurl!

Also on Saturday...

  • Well-known regional multi-dimensional artist and positive light David Gerbstadt brings his brightly colored art-mobile filled with infinite creations
  • Chester County artist Joe Boyle demonstrates his love and inquiry and history
  • Historian Suzee Gritz exhibits ancient artifacts of the history of wild west Wagontown
  • Fun grassroots jamband Couple Days
  • Empowered alt-pop/rock duo Lyra Project presents impressive lead vocals and harmonies, with great instrumentals
  • Troy Ott's mobile egg gallery featuring his found object masks and lovely daughter Asia
  • Amy's famous mosaic bench
  • FREE Victory beer tasting!
  • plus more surprise guests, acres of beautiful views, wild west Wagontown wild animals, and gardens!

Vending and Admission Information

  • Vendors fee $30 per car, which includes camping
  • Setup Friday, 6/21 is 4pm, event opens 5pm or so
  • Setup Saturday, 6/22 is 11am, event opens 1pm
  • Breakdown for camping and vending Sunday 6/23 is 1pm
  • Please confirm in advance or get more info at;; or 610-384-2535
  • General Admission is $20 per car if you're not charging for your performance, goods, display, service
  • General Admission plus camping is $30 per car
  • Many prime spots, first come, first served!
  • A portable stage is available that puts together quickly with 3 or 4 people. Music or other live performers are welcome to use it; just contact us - first come, first served. You can then perform, and, if wanted, set up your own roster of other acts for Friday night or Saturday under one of the Big Tents, and charge your own admission.

See the event poster for more information.

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