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Mission Statement

Decades-long experience in the arts has informed the belief that art is the glue for the future, economically and socially. This means looking and listening and understanding each others creative point of view. How to do that? C3A, through its events, is a facilitator, interpreter, and educator to help with this conversation. We bring creatives together, and promote, stage events, and lobby everyone we encounter with the truth that art is at the core of a new economy. There are artists making their product in every town, every city, every state - truly made-in-the-USA. It is an exportable commodity to supply a world always hungry for American culture.

Because of today's daily sensory overloads, people are clamoring for more intimate, low key cultural events to savor the moments that speed by. This new movement - slowing down the pace to catch up with each other - helps C3A better know supporters (and vice versa), has reaped the rewards of great interactions and enthusiasm, and has inspired new collaborations for the future.

Help C3A continue its mission of connecting and promoting the Arts. All contributions are welcome, and amounts over $250 are tax-deductible. Check the Contact Us page for mailing information or for questions. We'd be happy to talk to you.

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