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Great Scott
The Event

  Coatesville Area Arts Alliance's most recent event took place on May 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2004, at the newly renovated Scott Middle School, located on Lincoln Highway in the East End of Coatesville. This historic and beautiful building was formerly Coatesville's high school from 1939 - 1967, and an intermediate school until 1993. It was then left vacant for eight years and was almost demolished, but through the hearts and souls of the community, was saved. This event brought together the students, parents, teachers, and administrators of the school district, Scott alumni, the taxpayers, and the City of Coatesville's neighborhoods in a great community celebration of the arts - providing a common ground for diverse groups to enjoy themselves. The rebirth of this elegant building symbolizes what the City and School District are striving to accomplish: A fresh perspective - a brand new image for the future.

  The Coatesville Area Arts Alliance is putting the Coatesville Area on the map with Culture, furthering the idea that the business of art is good for business.

Great ScottA Community Celebration, attracted over 500 people from the tri-state area for...

  • Short plays
  • Visual art exhibits
  • Live music acts
  • EarthArts
  • Spoken word
  • Dancing, twirling, and singing acts...

...providing a showcase for hundreds of student and professional creative talents from Coatesville and beyond. The event proved once again that a cross-section of the Arts attracts a diverse and supportive audience to Coatesville.

Attendees could wander inside and outside the building and find creative energies at work:

C3A is sincerely grateful to the volunteers and performers who made this event successful.

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