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All About C3A

What is C3A?

The Coatesville Area Arts Alliance (C3A) is a non profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 2002 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. C3A stages unique public arts events that reinforce our Mission: Art Means Business because Art Works! Our vision is for Art to be recognized as the foundation for "Creative Capitalism."
Some of the public arts events, referred to as Art Happenings, that C3A has masterminded in the past are Great Scott (a multi-day arts experience at Scott Middle School in Coatesville, PA); the Coatesville Film Festival; and the yearly, ever-popular music festival Grounds for Music.
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C3A History

Do you know what an "egg tooth" is? It is the temporary tooth some baby birds grow to break out of their eggshells, which then drops off soon after hatching. Did you know that this inspirational image was the seed (or egg) from which C3A grew over 35 years ago? C3A truly has been a whole generation in the making. What started as a ramshackle old garage "mess-terpiece" has grown into a successful and thriving art community.
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